What We Buy

Please take a minute or two to read what types of toys we buy, what we don’t, and the condition your toys need to be in for us to make an offer.

Types of toy that we buy

Toyhunteruk are interested in purchasing the following types of toy and model:

  • Diecast toy vehicles in Good, Excellent or Mint Condition (see below). Examples of manufacturers include Matchbox, Dinky and Corgi. We’re particularly interested in those made before 1984. Boxes aren’t necessary for purchase.
  • Timpo Plastic Figures are especially welcome, including Britains, Swoppets & any other early plastic figures.
  • Britains Floral Garden, Farm and Zoo models, such as figures, vehicles, trees and buildings. Pre-1980 items are especially welcome.
  • Pre-1970 slot-racing vehicles and accessories, boxed or unboxed. We have a special interest in Scalextric and Minic Motorways items, but please note that we don’t buy Scalextric sets and track.
  • Early Hong Kong/Japanese/Empire Made Plastic. Pre 1970 & must be carded or boxed in Good to Mint condition.
  • Modern TV & Film-Related items, e.g. Batman, Superman, Super-Heroes etc. Only boxed or carded, not loose.
  • Tinplate vehicles and mechanical toys.
  • Pre-1980 toy catalogues

Please see our website for further examples of what we buy. In general, we prefer those models and toys that were made for children, rather than for adult collectors.

Types of toy that we don’t buy

We’re sorry, but we can’t buy everything! We’re afraid that we don’t buy the following types of toy and model:

  • Lledo/Days Gone collections
  • Corgi Cameo
  • Post-1983 Corgi Classics (we will consider bulk purchases, but items must be boxed)
  • Post-1978 Matchbox Models of Yesteryear e.g. items with pale yellow and red window boxes
  • Newer items currently on sale in shops
  • Modern character merchandise, e.g. Ninja Turtles, Thomas the Tank Engine, McDonalds
  • Model railway items
  • Dolls, puppets, soft toys, Beanies
  • Board games and jigsaws
  • Wooden toys
  • Outdoor toys
  • Radio-control planes, cars and boats
  • Display cabinets

In addition, we generally won’t consider restored, heavily worn or damaged items — please see ‘Condition of Toys’ below.

Condition of toys that we buy

We usually only buy items that are in Mint, Excellent or Good Condition:

  • Mint items look as new, with no blemishes
  • Excellent items have a few small imperfections, such as inconspicuous chips or scratches. The box, if present, will show slight signs of use.
  • Good items have more imperfection, such as chips, but could still be put on display. Boxes retain their shape but may have creases or small tears.

We’re afraid that we don’t normally consider items in Fair or Poor condition:

  • Fair items have a considerable number of defects, such as lots of chipping, damage to decals or cracked windows. However, there are no missing parts. Boxes may have missing flaps.
  • Poor items show heavy signs of wear. They may be rusty or repainted and/or have parts missing. Not suitable for display. Boxes, if present, will have lost their shape..

In addition, we don’t usually buy restored items.

Ready to get in touch?

If you think your toys or models meet our criteria, please get in touch and let us know what items you’re offering. Contact us to sell your toys.

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