Spot-On ” Work Bench and Tools ” No 1049


Spot-On ” Work Bench and Tools ” No 1049

This is a new one to me. Never seen it before!

The early Workbench had a grey vice, this has a blue one & with a bit of research apparently it was designed for Spot-On’s Jenny’s Home. If anybody out there can give me any further information, it would be appreciated.

The condition is, i would class as good with metal legs & plastic work top, tool rack & under shelf. The tool rack has been stuck to the work top & i think round the wrong way.

The tools should consist of Tenon Saw, Fret Saw, Hack Saw, Chisel & Smoothing Plane.

Unfortunately this only has the Chisel & Smoothing Plane, but i have included a Rake witch doesn’t come with it, but it is of the same colour & scale. 

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