Corgi “Pop Art Morris Mini Minor” No 349


Corgi “Pop Art Morris Mini Minor” No 349

For many, this is the most desirable of all the Corgi range. Created to cash in on the Flower Power of the sixties with the psychedelic transfers having the word Mostest fitted into the design.

Available for a short time in 1967 by mail order only, not in shops, catalouges or order forms. The status of this little mini has risen unbelievably over the years as I have seen several loose wrecked models with damaged windows sell for hundreds. Such is the need for this model in a Corgi collection due to the rarity. 
 It is in genuinely good to excellent condition for it’s age with just a few chips, mainly around the roof line, but nothing significant. All the transfers have survived too with only tiny elements worn away.
The box is strong & all intact, but does have feathering to the edges & one flap has dry mold damage, probably been kept in a damp area at some time. There are pictures of this in the gallery. I have seen empty boxes fetch £1000 plus! 

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