Corgi ” Batmobile ” No 267 1st Edition (Loose)


Corgi ” Batmobile ” No 267 1st Edition (Loose)

Considering this Iconic Batmobile is loose, it is actually in quite good condition. The only fault  the suspension is a bit rigid, but i have learned these models tend be like that.

Complete with Red Bat Hubs, Pulsating Exhaust Flame, Slasher & Rocket Launcher, all in working order. Including Batman & Robin original figures. The windscreen is in good condition with a tiny split behind Robins head, & the Arial looks original. Yes there are a few little chips here & there, but no great lumps of paint missing. It would look good on display in a cabinet.

All in all this is a very nice example of one of Corgi’s finest retro TV, Film related toys.

Circa 1966-67

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