“Citroen DS19” Plastic Toy by Clifford No318


“Citroen DS19” Plastic Toy by Clifford No318

Once again shows this vintage Citroen to be red on the box, but it is lemon yellow. This is typical of 60’s plastic toys.

It is based on a Citroen DS19, which it does resemble, but don’t forget these old toys were not replicas they were just toys based on the real car.

This is in excellent condition, but does look a bit grubby in places although i think that is the quality of the plastic being a bit thin & the finish is rather basic. With the box which is in good to excellent condition as the corners to he tabs & flaps are showing signs of wear, but all intact.

The friction motor still works well. Measures 125mm long.

Circa late 50’s earl 60’s Made in Hong Kong.

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